Luthi grains
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Luthi grains
Owned by Urs Luthi, a leading company

In business since 1988, our company has been constantly growing and the enthusiasm hasn't stopped for 25 years. Mr. Luthi is also the owner of a cash crop producing farm where he participates along with his father and his son. It is with great pleasure that Mr. Luthi and his team offer you a marketing service which will live up to your expectations. We're waiting for your call.

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  • Oats

    • Cubed oat pellets
  • Wheat

    • Feed wheat
    • Spring Durum wheat
    • Hard red winter
    • Hard red spring
    • Triticale
    • Rye
    • Midds
  • Canola

    • Canola meal
  • Corn

    • DDG
    • Wet corn
    • US corn
    • Gluten feed
  • Soya

    • Soya pellets
    • Soyabean meal
    • Soya free GMO
    • Soya GMO
    • Soya free GMO SQWH
  • Hay

  • Barley

  • Seeds

  • Flaxseed

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