The Gateway to Your Commodities Supply in America

the stock markets

Luthi Grains has made a name for itself in the Northeast American market thanks to its marketing expertise!

physical markets

Simple and efficient execution sets us apart!


Benefits for suppliers

Luthi Grains works with agricultural suppliers from coast to coast to make it easy and efficient for their grain to market. Our trader’s expertise allows them greater openness to the world and a market adapted to the quality of their grain, thus ensuring them the best possible value for their harvest.

By establishing partnerships with producers in the west who own existing facilities, Luthi Grains enables the upgrading of these existing facilities along the rail lines.

Suppliers can also benefit from our turnkey logistics service while using their equipment if desired.

Agricultural suppliers are protected by accreditations from the Agricultural Markets Board and the Canadian Grain Commission.

Customer benefits

Luthi Grains provides its customers with access to Canadian and American grains and protein by-products.

Our priority: Our expertise in physical and stock markets for commodities, at the service of our customers.

Meet the quality specifications of our customers in the volumes and deadlines required all over the world.